Service Levels offered by DigiStat Inc.

Ad-Hoc support

Use us when you need us with no
on-going commitment

What is it?

Charged hourly, use whenever required, no commitment

  • Perfect for casual use or one time use.
  • One-off IT problems or hardware fixes.
  • Totally commitment-free.
  • A handy way to try us out.
  • Ideal for individuals, small businesses or for IT managers with a problem beyond their team’s skillset.

Fixed-fee contracts

Purchase a yearly support contract for ease of mind and full on-going support.

What is it?

For a monthly fixed fee (based on the size of your organisation), we’ll not only cover all IT issues, but also preempt and prevent issues. (Excludes hardware and software purchases)

  • Access to our expertise, on tap, without commitment.
  • Full IT support for a range of issues – networks, network devices, software. We can be your IT department.
  • Preventative measures.
  • Monitoring and fixes.
  • Advice on system setup.